Logo & branding

Ready to glow your brand?

The right logo says everything without saying a word. It connotes feelings of honor, trust, pride, excellence and integrity. It conveys a series of virtues and a set of values without pages of copy and a team of copywriters. It evokes a sense of connection between a brand and consumers. It establishes a bond between a company and its community of fans, friends, critics, allies and champions.

A logo is not just about what it looks like but also how it attracts attention from current and potential consumers.

It is the fulfillment of a partnership between a business owner and a graphic designer, whose collaboration is an act of communication and whose final design is the result of discussions about what the logo should do



In oder for the brand to set its spark in the market, the brand’s nature had tp be well-framed by its concept of existence; observing and analyzing the data being transferred through the submarine cable landing stations in Egypt; symbolizing its structure through the logo furthermore, the sharp look perceived the logo symbolizes the broad knowledge and experience that the brand gained allowing them ability to operate with confidence.


Introducing the V-AUTO Brakes Logo – where precision meets confidence and heat. Our logo embodies the essence of automotive braking with a dynamic fusion of blue and red, symbolizing trust and the intense heat generated during braking.


the creative team build story to help designers create the logo 

Once upon a time, in the untamed lands of the Wild West, there was guy called uncle B with mysterious past and a rugged demeanours, integrity and has nonetheless fierce in competition that matches the untamed spirit of wild west. Uncle B decided to open a unique barbershop known as “Uncle B ” that tucked away in a rugged frontier town called Dusty Gulch. Uncle B stood as a haven for weary travelers and rough cowboys seeking respite from their dusty journeys. Cowboys consider uncle B their comfort zone as they gave them proficient  neck and shoulder massage after shaving. Also they catch up all the news on national, state and local level. Moreover, the reason behind why cowboys loved going to uncle B is that the beginning of the twentieth century, the cowboy’s barbers may have only known one haircut, which they gave to everybody. But on the contrary Uncle B was know as creative innovators and not depends on fixed haircut because uncle b adapted to an increasingly  modern world

“We end the day knowing we gave it everything we had” 

this was the concept of cowboys, and of course uncle B.